What do you mean by “YA”?

We only publish young adult (YA) fiction. We want short stories about being a teenager, told from in the moment of being a teenager, aimed at teens and YA readers. (Which means, for example, that we’re not interested in nostalgic stories about being a teenager in the 1990s told from the lens of a forty-year-old adult!)

We don’t accept middle-grade short stories or children’s fiction.

Content: Are curse words and sex scenes allowed in submissions, or are you looking for a “clean” story?

This should be a young adult story, and there is plenty of sex and cursing to be found in that publishing category. Please send us the story the way you feel it needs to be written, and if we are interested in accepting and find that something needs to be dialed back we will be in touch to see how you feel about such edits. (Please note: We are not interested in erotica.)

What genres are you considering?

We are open to all genres as long as the story is YA. Genres of interest include contemporary realistic, mystery, fantasy, horror, paranormal, magical realism, slipstream, speculative, historical, science fiction, thriller, romance, etc. To have a sense of our tastes: We are particularly struck by strong voices, inventive storytelling, and beautiful writing. Both literary and commercial stories are welcome.

We accept stories in verse so long as they meet our word count guidelines, but we do not accept poetry or nonfiction.

If I have a self-published book does that mean I am published and disqualified from a “new voice” slot?

Yes, this is a full-length book. However, we are still happy to consider your story! You just wouldn’t qualify to be selected as a “new voice.”

Do you accept multiple submissions?

We prefer submissions of a single story at a time. However, if you want to show us more than one story, you can send up to three in the same email. Please note there is no guarantee we will read past the first one, but if we see promise in the first story and decide it’s not right for us, we may be curious enough to read the next. Even so, please don’t send three separate emails with three separate submissions at the same time.

Are you open to submissions from international writers?

Yes. We are publishing stories in English, but our contributors can come from anywhere in the world. 

If I am rejected, and I revise the rejected story, may I submit it again?

If we feel strongly connected to a story and believe that it would be a good match following edits, we will reach out with you to work on revising the story. Those pieces that we decline are not the best aesthetic matches for us, and due to the volume of submissions, it is our policy not to review stories that we have already rejected once before.

Who is selecting the “new voice” writers who will be featured?

We are actively seeking submissions from “new voices” to be selected and introduced by beloved, established authors. (Please see our guidelines for what we consider a “new voice.”) Our readers, fiction editors, and editors-in-chief will narrow it down and choose some stories we love from our slush submissions and then send a small batch of finalists to the established author to make the selection. From those stories, it is the author’s choice alone which story to select and introduce in one of our issues. Each issue of FORESHADOW will feature a new voice selected by a different beloved author, giving new writers a magical opportunity to be discovered by many new eyes. We will announce who those featured authors are when we can.

Will all contributors be paid?

Yes! We are able to pay every contributor a flat $170 for their story. Payment will be issued after the final story, bio, and any (optional) author's note have been copyedited and approved by all.

Are you a SFWA qualifying market?

We are not.

Will there be physical copies available, or is this an exclusively digital market?

This is an online only project. If for some reason we are approached to turn this into an anthology in perdurable print, we will be in touch about it, and we will absolutely work to provide further payment in such a situation. (Please see the “Author Rights” section under the submission guidelines for more.)

Can there be a title separate from the one-word clue/theme?

If you have an existing title you’re attached to, we can include this as a subtitle. In the table of contents, the story will be introduced via the one-word title.

Can you explain a bit more about what you are looking for regarding comic submissions?

We would be looking for an original YA comic of 5-10 pages.

Is there a reading fee to submit a story?

There is no reading fee. It doesn’t cost anything, and will always be free no matter how we manage submissions in the future, to submit a story to FORESHADOW.

How is this different from a literary magazine?

We are not an ongoing publication, as a magazine would be. Instead, we are curating a finite number of stories, and sharing them with the world in small chunks, spread out over the course of one year. Issue #1 will come out in January of 2019 and the last stories of the anthology will be published in Issue #12 in December of 2019.