The purpose of FORESHADOW: A Serial YA Anthology is to offer a unique new online venue for young adult short stories, with a commitment to showcasing underrepresented voices, boosting emerging writers, and highlighting the beauty and power of YA fiction. Each month, for one full calendar year, we will publish a new issue featuring three stellar YA stories. Among these will be original work from acclaimed writers, plus brand-new voices you haven’t heard from before who have been specially selected by your favorite authors.

As foreshadowing in storytelling is a way of imagining and prefiguring what’s to come, we hope that the new writers you’ll discover in our online serial anthology will be authors whose books you’ll covet tomorrow. We are especially committed to finding stories by marginalized voices new to YA and will be actively working on outreach, hoping to contribute to the changing landscape of young adult publishing to become more inclusive and diverse.


In August of 2018, we launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund this anthology. We aimed to raise enough money to pay all our contributors, pay our selectors, cover all operating expenses, and give our incredible volunteer staff members symbolic honorariums to thank them for their work. Astoundingly, we hit our minimum goal in less than two weeks, and ultimately ended the campaign at $22,820. Later, after the fundraiser had closed, we received an additional private donation from the incredibly generous David Levithan, bringing us to a total of $26,420.

Here is how we've allocated the money:

  • Indiegogo platform fees: $1948
  • Operating and campaign fulfillment expenses: $4,200
  • Reserves for taxes, as recommended by our tax attorney: $9775
  • Honorarium of $170 each for 39 individual authors: $6630
  • Honorarium of $170 for our photographer whose beautiful shadow photos make up each issue cover
  • Honorarium of $100 each for our New Voice selectors: $800 (quite a few kindly donated their honorariums back to us)
  • Honorarium pot to be divided among 25 volunteer staff members, prorated for each person based on their time and work: $2875

As editors-in-chief, we have agreed not to take any money for ourselves, in order to offer as much compensation as possible to everyone else. Working on this has been an absolute dream. We're incredibly thrilled to be able to pay $170 per story —this is more than what some print anthologies are able to offer, and certainly higher than many online publications! To those of you who supported the campaign, who spread the word far and wide, who donated: Thank you so much. We’re so grateful.

—Emily X.R. Pan & Nova Ren Suma, Editors-in-Chief


We are so thankful to these incredibly kind benefactors for sponsoring the publication of all our New Voices—you’ll also see their names listed on the stories their contributions went to:

David Levithan
Marieke Nijkamp
Barry Lyga & Morgan Baden

And special thanks to the following, who also donated generously to make this project possible:

Barry Goldblatt Literary
Margot H. Knight & Nick Walsh
Nicole Valentine


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